Always Check Train Seat Availability for Comfy Travel

30 Oct

While planning a train journey, it is important that you check the train seat availability, because without it traveling is impossible. If seats are available, you can proceed further with your plans.

Now you have reservation counters at every town and city, which makes it easier for the customers to check the seat availability. Then there are the 24-hour helpline centers where you can call at anytime of the day and enquire any matter dealing with the railways. With the introduction of computers and Internet, you can sit at home or your office and check the availability of seats, PNR status, train timings, train timetable and even book your tickets within seconds. The website of the Indian Railways, IRCTC, and several other travel and tourism sites offer you this service.

The availability of seats is also obtained by text messaging through the mobile phones. All you need is to send an SMS to the given number in the required format. A call to the toll-free number 139 directs to an IVRS machine, which offers you information on trains, tickets and seat availability. An SMS to the same number also provides all details on your cell phone. You can also access the online websites on any GPRS enabled mobile handset. The mobile should be a smart phone or a java enabled phone.

During the peak times it is very difficult to get reservation in trains. So, book your ticket well in advance to ensure the train seat availability.

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